Congratulations to the Momonoy Sharks for showing the world that values like fair play are more valuable then "the win".


It was 12-10 in the bottom of the sixth, Mashpee has just batted a ball deep into left center - threatening to close the gap on Monomoy's 2 point lead.  The home plate umpire declared the hit a ground rule double and sent the runner back to second base.  The Monomoy players gathered and called the umpire over to inform him that the ball had actually flown over the fence, and should be considered a home run.  This closed the gap to a one point game, which Monomoy ultimately won 13-11. 

The umpire sent an email to the Monomoy principal applauding the teams fair play, stating that he has rarely experienced this level of sportsmanship in over 50 years of officiating.  The email was circulated to many teachers and students and shared over social media to the rest of the world.